Room 8 Group announces new partnership with Zibra AI

The companies are aiming to revolutionise virtual content creation

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August 16th, 2023 partnership Room 8 Group Not disclosed
Room 8 Group announces new partnership with Zibra AI

External game development specialist Room 8 Group has announced a new partnership with generative AI and deep-tech specialist ZibraAI, with the aim to “ethically pioneer innovative solutions in virtual content creation and tackle the evolving challenges of the mobile & console/PC industries.

Zibra AI's generative AI platform aims to take the heavy lifting out of content creation, being able to take on repetitive artwork tasks, the generation of text and even suggesting game themes and ideas. The platform aims to address two of the major challenges faced by developers, namely creating interactive VFX and generating 3D assets and characters.

"We believe that generative AI will change the way content is created and will also raise consumer expectations for games complexity and fidelity," said Room 8 Group CEO Anna Kozlova. "Partnering with Zibra AI allows us to explore cutting-edge technology and its use for enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional content for our clients.This strategic partnership is a significant step towards shaping the future of the industry."

"Zibra AI was founded with the vision of transforming the virtual content creation pipeline," said Zibra AI co-founder and CEO Alex Petrenko. "Our collaboration with Room 8 Group will enable us to explore new frontiers and revolutionise the way virtual content is produced."

As part of the partnership, Room 8 Group will become Zibra AI’s preferred integration partner and gain early access to the company’s existing AI-based solutions as well as upcoming functionality.

The ethics of intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a thorny issue not just in the mobile gaming space, but the entertainment industry as a whole. Some creators are concerned that artificial intelligence could lead to job losses, as those in charge could seek to boost revenue by reducing staff numbers. This concern, in part, has led to the 2023 Screen Actors Guild strike, as some producers hoped to create digital copies of actors to reduce costs.

Meanwhile, the use of AI has been increasing in the games industry. In a recent survey of 243 different game makers, 87% already utilise the technology, while 99% plan to do so in the future.

With more and more game makers utilising AI in their game development pipelines, it therefore makes sense that company’s are examining methods on using the technology ethically.

Earlier this month, Zibra AI raised $500,000 from the a16z accelerator program.

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