EA announces turn-based football game for mobile, EA Sports FC Tactical

Not an extension or update to EA Sports FC but a whole new strategy football game exclusively on mobile

EA announces turn-based football game for mobile, EA Sports FC Tactical

EA have announced a new mobile game, EA Sports FC Tactical, a turn-based strategy take on the beautiful game.

EA Sports FC Tactical is a stand-alone mobile title that challenges players to turn-based “combat” football matches featuring iconic players and clubs. Turn-based strategy may not be a genre that you would expect to resonate with football fans, but EA's spin could see you thinking differently, and with the recent success of their rebranding of 'the game previously known as FIFA', it’s hard to doubt them.

It's safe to say that the seamless success of EA Sports FC following the removal of the FIFA connection has blown doubts as to the franchise's success away. EA Sports FC 24 was the football franchise’s overall best launch in terms of player-count. It seems that with a free update that rebrands FIFA Mobile to EA Sports FC Mobile, that EA is looking to further establish themselves in mobile with this new game.

General manager of EA Sports FC, Nick Wlodyka commented, “EA Sports FC Tactical embraces strategic gameplay to create an all-new football experience that immerses players in the World’s Game like never before. We’re excited to welcome fans of turn-based strategy games to join the club as part of the EA Sports FC player community, and look forward to sharing more on EA Sports FC Tactical soon.”

FIFA’s loss…

FIFA has seen its own controversy in the past few years and although the loss of FIFA aligned clubs and players could have dealt a serious blow to EA, they seem to have bounced back remarkably quickly. It’s interesting to note that one of their first steps in Sports FC's new look is to strengthen its position on mobile.

It’s clear that post-FIFA, EA feels free to bring new, more unusual games to mobile using that make use of their soccer heritage. The success of EA Sports FC Tactical, however, will depend on whether it can master the art of creating a football game that'll win strategy fans and prove a perfect fit for mobile.

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