South-east Asian mobile gaming market to exceed $7 billion in revenue by 2027

Mobile games remain the dominant part revenue in the region

South-east Asian mobile gaming market to exceed $7 billion in revenue by 2027

The SEA-6 market - comprising Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam - is set to surpass $7.2bn in PC and mobile game revenue by the year 2027.

In 2023 alone the region is projected to bring in more than $5.8bn in gaming revenue already and the latest figures from analytics firm Niko Partners indicate these six countries will see a drastic rise in gaming revenue by 2027, driven primarily by mobile. The mobile platform makes up 66.4% of revenue that is projected to rise to 70% by 2027.

Indonesia leads the region’s gaming growth with the number of gamers on PC and mobile expected to grow by more than 4% over the next five years. Singapore meanwhile stood out, as its mobile game revenue surpassed more populous countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Meanwhile Thailand and Vietnam specifically led the region for mobile revenue growth at over 7% in the next five years.

“As a mobile-first market with a huge esports fanbase, Southeast Asia offers tremendous opportunities for global game companies. Their increased presence in the region showcases how promising the Southeast Asia market is,” said Lisa Hanson, CEO and President of Niko Partners. “As Southeast Asian countries are culturally diverse, it is crucial for companies to understand there is no uniformed approach and consider the uniqueness of each market.”

SEA Stands out

The Southeast Asian market has stood out for its proximity to other markets such as China, as well as the diversity of audiences in the area. This has led to it being a top consideration for soft-launches and beta tests that let developers and publishers feel out how their games might perform in the wider Asian market.

By Niko Partners estimations, Southeast Asia will continue to be a top performer well into the latter half of the decade, a prediction that will likely only further encourage investment in the region and more games to be released.

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