Dream Games’ Royal Match is top for consumer spend but Monopoly Go sees the biggest increase

Q3 2023 numbers reveal that Scopely’s take on the classic board game has seen a big boost, but Royal Match still reigns supreme

Dream Games’ Royal Match is top for consumer spend but Monopoly Go sees the biggest increase

Dream Games’ Royal Match reigns supreme as the top game for consumer spend in Q3 2023, but Scopely’s Monopoly Go saw the fastest rise in spending.

According to’s latest “Market Pulse” report, Royal Match was the top game for consumer spend globally, beating out games such as Candy Crush Saga, Roblox, Monopoly Go and even Honor of Kings. However, Monopoly Go did see a massive rise in the rankings to see it break the top five, shooting up 26 places, a dynamic entry for such a relatively new title.

Elsewhere, Subway Surfers continues to top the global download charts in Q3, while Roblox was the top-dog when it came to monthly active users. Royal Match’s rise, by about five places, is impressive but has Monopoly Go gnashing at its heels.

Royal Match has certainly not been shy about taking the crown from other games, dethroning reigning monarch Candy Crush in a decidedly unexpected coup d’etat back in July, surpassing King’s flagship title in both revenue and downloads. 

China drops off the top spot

Perhaps even more notable is Honor of Kings' fall from the top spot. It had sat comfortably in the number one position for consumer spend, at least by’s estimations, however, it has now slumped four places down to the number five spot, dethroned by both Royal Match and Monopoly Go, while Candy Crush and Roblox have remained static.

We can read a few things into this. For one, Monopoly Go could very well hit the top spot if its dramatic rise is anything to go by and Royal Match has now arguably become the new “face” of puzzle gaming on mobile.

And Honor of Kings? Is this a momentary lapse in the famously huge buying power of the Chinese market? A course-correction after the MOBA has sat comfortably dominant for years, or a symbol of other markets in totality overtaking China’s home-grown domestic games? The title became the world’s highest grossing app in September.

Either way, there’s a new king on the throne, but the usurper is already gathering their allies, and it soon Monopoly Go may take the crown.

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