Annapurna to acquire previous partner 24 Bit Games

Building on their long-standing partnership, the South African Studio will become a "key development asset" for Annapurna

Annapurna to acquire previous partner 24 Bit Games

Annapurna has acquired one of South Africa’s biggest game companies, 24 Bit Games, building on their existing relationship to become "key development asset" for the company.

Previously the two companies had worked together on console, PC and mobile titles such as Cocoon, Neon White, A Memoir Blue, Hindsight and Twelve Minutes with 24 Bit Games handling development and Annapurna Interactive serving as publisher. 

The acquisition will help 24 Bit Games grow its development team and proprietary technology toolkits for its client base and future new projects, while its current employees and leadership will continue to operate the business as usual under the Annapurna umbrella. Plus, the companies will continue to commit to 24 Bit’s ongoing advancement and support of the South African game development industry.

Old friends, new beginnings

“Annapurna has been working with 24 Bit for many years, and we value not only the caliber of their work, but their team as well,” said Deborah Mars, co-head of Annapurna Interactive. “They’ve always shared our commitment to quality, and by taking our partnership to the next level we feel like anything is possible.”

24 Bit Games’ portfolio includes projects that range from porting to co-development to tool production for independent and AAA studios, across mobile, PC, VR, and consoles. The company’s client list includes a broad range of publishers, developers, media companies, and tech platforms.

“We deeply respect Annapurna’s approach to curating a portfolio of great games, its value system around building and extending IP, as well as the company culture,” said Luke Lamothe, CEO of 24 Bit Games. “We have truly enjoyed working together over the years, and we believe we are joining Annapurna at an exciting moment of growth and expansion.“

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