Netflix and Ubisoft announce Rainbow Six SMOL mobile game

The new, officially licenced mobile exclusive offers “a tiny, whimsical take on the Rainbow Six universe."

Netflix and Ubisoft announce Rainbow Six SMOL mobile game

Streaming giant Netflix has teamed up with Ubisoft to launch Rainbow Six SMOL - a new fast-paced rogue-lite shooter inspired by Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that'll be exclusively available on mobile devices for Netflix subscribers.

Both companies announced during the live broadcast of Six Invitational 2024, an annual world championship tournament for Rainbow Six Siege in São Paulo, Brazil.

Rainbow Six SMOL will transport players into a twisted version of the Rainbow Six universe where they'll be tasked with overcoming “bizarre environments and enemies, from evil cultists to fluffy puppies and scary demons". 

A new Rainbow experience

The game's description states that “Players control a Rainbow recruit who leads a squad of Operators on different missions to defuse bombs, free hostages, and crush bad guys. Each recruitable Operator has their own weapons, passive bonuses, and unique abilities, and it’s up to players to build a squad tailored to the mission at hand."

Rainbow Six SMOL has five game modes and 10 factions of enemies where “everything in this world is destructible". Players can spend XP and in-game credits to unlock new weapons and upgrades from the HQ after each mission and “losing is not recommended".

Rainbow Six SMOL joins Netflix’s growing catalogue of more than 80 mobile games. Netflix members can play Rainbow Six SMOL on iOS and Android devices and can watch the trailer here.


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