Free webinar today: The DMA Breakdown explains what the latest EU regs could mean for you

1pm to 2pm UK time, a panel of experts will talk you through what’s new and what possible thanks to the EU’s DMA

Free webinar today: The DMA Breakdown explains what the latest EU regs could mean for you

Is the European Union’s Digital Markets Act leaving you cold? Or confused? Not sure what it means for you and what new possibilities and opportunities you could be missing out on?

Don’t fret - a new free webinar from Raptor PR’s Raptorverse taking place today will set the record straight and get you up to speed.

Today, Tuesday April 16 at 1pm UK a panel featuring’s own head of content Craig Chapple will be on hand to run you through what’s new. Also present will be Archie Stonehill, head of product at Stash and Igor Melniks, svp business development at ZBD in a chat hosted by Raptor PR’s associate director, Clare Wimalasundera.

The panel will be discussing what every game developer needs to know about the recently launched EU regulation. You’ll find out what you need to be thinking about regarding the new act as the panel explore its grey areas and outline some of the opportunities that the legislation will bring.

Key topics will include:

  • An introduction to the DMA Framework. What exactly is the DMA and how does it specifically apply to mobile game devs today?

  • The new app store policies - a full breakdown of what you can do (and what you can’t)

  • Addressing game developers' key concerns around the DMA and how not to upset the market’s ‘gatekeepers’

  • What the Department of Justice suing Apple in the US really means

  • And what does the DMA mean for companies outside of the EU?

  • How much studios should expect to pay, and how the big gatekeepers such as Apple and Google are being forced to change policy

So if you’re still unaware of what’s new and want to make the most ot the new DMA no matter where in the world you are, make sure you join the team and Raptor PR today, Tuesday April 16, 1pm until 2pm, UK time (BST)

Reserve your place and get all the details here.

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