Online petition to disable iPhone's auto-correct feature

Non-English iPhoners need your help

Online petition to disable iPhone's auto-correct feature
Swedish web design company Fruahjahr has launched an online petition to encourage Apple to allow users to switch off the auto-correction option on their iPhones.

The current system makes it incredibly difficult for people to send a text message or email in any language other than English, without the over-aggressive auto-correction jumping up to interfere with their spelling. Apparently there is a hidden function to switch auto-correction on and off, which some hacks have exploited, but Fruahjahr quite reasonably wants it to be more accessible through the system settings.

The petition, which can be found here, is due to be sent in to Apple on September 30th, so if you've found the spell-checker to be a little too unforgiving, add your name to the list right now.

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