Digital Chocolate's Party Island community goes mobile

Visit DChoc's party paradise on the move

Digital Chocolate's Party Island community goes mobile
Following on from DChoc's increasingly popular Facebook community, Party Island, several of Trip's new games are now incorporating an access portal to connect players to the Island.

You'll be able to create avatars, visit the island, chat with fellow party-goers and add to your VIP Card. Revamped versions of Bubble Popper Deluxe, Party Pool 2-in-1, Party Bowling 2-in-1 and Party Sexy Trivia will be the initial line-up of Party Island's supporting titles, where you'll be able to buy new party games and mingle in the growing, cross-platform community founded on Facebook.

To help bring the roving community online, various upgrades have been made to the mobile framework, including improvements to discovery functions, cross-selling, viral spread, retention and demo-to-full conversions.

From the looks of things, the new mobile access to Party Island offers much the same experience as the Facebook application, and we should have reviews of the first games along shortly to really get under the DChoc wrapper and see what the online party life is like.

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