Hands-On Mobile launches developer network

Hurrah for one-step monetization solutions

Hands-On Mobile launches developer network
Hands-On Mobile has launched something called the Hands-On Mobile Developer Network (HDN for short), which it says will help developers build and sell rich mobile apps direct to consumers.

Tagged as a "one-step monetization solution", Hands-On says the network will serve everyone from small developers to large media firms, helping them get their mobile applications to market.

The system uses server-side XML development, which the company says makes it more flexible and appealing to the target audience.

"We are providing developers and content owners the same tools we use to develop some of the most advanced applications on the market today," says CEO David White.

"Through an open publishing system similar to the web, we are solving the content discoverability problems that typically limit developers' abilities to reach their audiences."

How do consumers discover these apps? Ah, that's where something called mixt comes in. It's an "application discovery and on-deck distribution channel" for HDN developers. An App Store, if you like.

HDN apps will be published in the mixt directory, which already features apps from Yelp, Associated Press and Weather Underground.

Although not directly games-related, it's an interesting diversification for Hands-On. It's also a sign of the opportunity that exists for technology firms who cut their teeth in mobile games to use their skills and/or platforms in the rich applications market too.

Interested in HDN? You can sign up at Hands-On's developer website.

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