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What’s the common ground between making games and making whisky?

Playtesting expert Pascal Luban dives deeper

What’s the common ground between making games and making whisky?

So, what is the common point between the way you make games and whisky? Let's explore...

Both require careful testing until you find the proper blend. To create a good blended whisky, or to develop a successful game, there is no magic recipe; it is all about good ingredients AND testing.

This might come as a surprise, as many aspiring game developers believe that good game design is enough to ensure the success of a game. Indeed, developing a solid concept and a detailed design are important steps.

However, a game concept remains a view of the mind and a vision spelled out by designers. It is only when playable parts of the game are playtested that the true value of a game emerges; and most importantly, weaknesses show up.

Prototype testing

Some of you will say that early testing of prototypes can show up weaknesses as well. This is partially true, but with a prototype, you can only test the core gameplay; you cannot test important features such as onboarding, level design, graphical user interface (GUI), menu navigation, game balancing, et cetera.

By running proper playtests throughout the development of your game, you will spot countless issues but also identify opportunities for improvements. Playtesting is the way to ensure that your great game concept will not fail.

The good news is that doing your own playtests is not complex or costly; it requires a good understanding of the way to run them and some planning.


In my upcoming MasterClass on September 13th, I will explain to you, step-by-step, how to set up your own playtest structure effectively. And if you plan to outsource your playtests, I will tell you how to avoid common pitfalls and how to manage them.

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Playtesting is the way to ensure that your great game concept will not fail.

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