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NPD: Console gamers still spending more than those on mobile

But balance of power shifting

NPD: Console gamers still spending more than those on mobile
Despite the continued rise of smartphones, console gamers are still spending more money on physical and digital games than those on mobile.

That's one of the findings from NPD's Group's Gamer Segmentation 2013 report, with 'traditional' formats remaining king when it comes to pure spending – most likely because of the relative amounts involved.

However, when looking at the actual number of people playing games on different formats, the 'free and mobile gamer' segment comes out on top, accounting for almost a third of those surveyed.

Spotting a trend

NPD claims said mobile and free segment is up two percentage points - hitting 29 percent of the 8,831 individuals polled for the study – serving as one of the few groups to enjoy a rise.

The NPD Group's study comes after SuperData found that mobile gamers in the US are spending more than ever.

Speaking on the matter, NPD analyst Liam Callahan said there are plenty of opportunities amongst both gamer segements.

"Growth among both the free and mobile gamer and avid omni gamer segments speaks to the different types of gamer personalities, the type of experiences they are looking for and the growing opportunities provided by different gaming capable devices."

[source: NPD Group]

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