More US consumers over the age of 45 are playing games

More US consumers over the age of 45 are playing games

The number of people over the age of 45 playing games in the US has increased by 56 per cent in the least six months, according to The NPD Group.

Furthermore, player spending for those aged between 45 and 54 was up by 76 per cent. Meanwhile, in the 55 to 64 category, the amount of time and money spent on games had grown by 48 per cent and 73 per cent, respectively.

Overall, people above the age of 65 saw an increase of 45 per cent on time spent on games and 29 per cent for player spending.

Moreover, in the US, four out of five consumers have played a game in the past six months, meaning that 79 per cent of consumers play games. Meanwhile, time spent on them has increased by 26 per cent while spending grew by 33 per cent.

On the up

Across all platforms, growth has occurred. However, mobile has proven to be the most significant platform, likely due to its accessibility. It is worth noting that consoles also experienced growth on account of families seeking a form of entertainment.

"This year, video games is one of the most consistent growth categories in terms of overall participation and investment relative to 2019," said The NPD Group games analyst Mat Piscatella.

"This may simply reflect an acceleration of trends that were in effect prior to the pandemic. If this is the case, then the gaming market could experience continued growth without a post-pandemic pullback.

"If not, however, we may see a post-pandemic valley before returning to growth. It all rests on engagement."

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