Twitter’s new Mobile App Promotion products: Early results and tips on how to maximise your performance

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Twitter’s new Mobile App Promotion products: Early results and tips on how to maximise your performance

On 30 June Twitter officially unveiled its new Mobile App Promotion product suite, and it has already generated a lot of excitement in the app marketing world thanks to some impressive early results.

The combination of social and mobile is a powerful one for finding exactly the right app users, and Twitter's new products offer multiple unique features that app marketers can take advantage of.

We’ve already seen that Facebook, despite having higher install costs when compared to banner and video networks, delivers purchasing users at significantly lower costs, and, as you’ll see below, early results from Twitter give us reason to believe it will have similar success.

With 200 million mobile users, Twitter presents a great opportunity for mobile app advertisers.

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How it works

Similar to Facebook, Twitter’s mobile app ads appear in a user’s timeline or search, and link directly to the app store, or to a specific spot within the app for existing users.

Marketers can reach their intended audience using Twitter’s unique targeting capabilities.

Marketers can reach their intended audience by leveraging Twitter’s unique targeting capabilities. This includes reaching followers of a particular Twitter handle, as well as reaching look-a-like audiences who are similar to your own followers or followers of other accounts.

Twitter’s targeting capabilities also allow you to reach potential users based on their interests, as well as keywords they are tweeting about or searching for. Other targeting options include location, mobile device, and gender.

Twitter’s new ads can also engage users through deep linking, directing them to a specific page within an app for re-engagement, promotions, or branding.

Early results

Early results for Twitter’s new Mobile App Promotion product suite are extremely promising.

So far in July, Twitter is out-performing Facebook with an overall CPI of $2.20, compared to $3.36 on Facebook - when looking across all Fiksu clients - but as we described above, CPI isn't the most important factor when choosing an app promotion platform: your installs need to be coming from users who become loyal and help you monetise your app.

For one major quick serve restaurant chain, Twitter has been a cheaper source for several key loyalty metrics when compared with Facebook, RTB, and display. As you can see in the chart below, for the most expensive metric, Cost per Loyalty Certificate Redeemed, the cost on Twitter was 85% lower than the cost on Facebook.

Twitter results from Beta period

Interested in hearing more of our early results, register for our free webinar on July 31st at 2 ET.

Fiksu for Twitter

Navigating your way through this new product suite, with its many capabilities, can be difficult. Working with a partner like Fiksu can help you to overcome most challenges you would face on your own, and help you to achieve superior results like the ones we just described.

As a Marketing Platform Partner, Fiksu unifies all Twitter mobile technologies in an end-to end process that includes programmatic campaign management, measurement, segmentation, and optimisation. This includes:

  • Mobile App Promotion (MAP): leveraging the power of Twitter’s unique targeting with Fiksu programmatic technology.
  • Mobile App Conversion Tracking (MACT): tracking conversions and in-app actions to identify and target high LTV users.
  • Tailored Audiences: targeting specific user segments on Twitter for re-engagement and cross device targeting.

Register for our free webinar on 31 July at 2pm ET to learn more about how Fiksu can help you maximise performance with Twitter’s new Mobile App Promotion products.

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