MyAppFree launches new services for developers

Service promises to connect apps and games with their large and loyal audience

MyAppFree launches new services for developers

For app developers and entrepreneurs, connecting with an audience is one of their biggest challenges. Apps stores are flooded with countless titles and new releases every day. Standing out from the crowd can be incredibly difficult.

However, with MyAppFree, developers can gain access to an audience of thousands of daily active users. This new, quick and powerful channel can be used to promote games on iOS and Android. This app discovery network boasts a broad and diverse user base with thousands of downloads every day.

By working directly with developers, MyAppFree can arrange exclusive deals to promote their app and get more game installs.

The process is straightforward:

  1. App developers send their title to MyAppFree for evaluation
  2. They choose from one of the promotional solutions on offer
  3. Get published on MyAppFree network and wait for the downloads to roll in

Where this service really stands out is the flexibility of options offered to developers. There are three services to choose from, with each one tailored around a specific type of promotion.

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The Berserker is a free solution that places a paid app into the most desirable spot on MyAppFree: App of the Day. From here, the app gains excellent exposure and publicity from the discovery platform. Whatsmore, further promotion is done through mailing, social media, and blogs.

The Berserker solutions bring thousands of downloads, reviews, mentions and buzz. Over the course of three days, this can be as many as 100,000 downloads.

Find out more about the Berserker.

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If the Berserker is all about getting instant results, the Ranger plays the long game. The app is promoted throughout the MyFreeApp network, from the app discovery page to collaborations on social media, industry sites, and blogs.

Developers provide MyFreeApp with Promo codes for free downloads or in-app purchases, with the Ranger promoting them across the network to interested users. Once again, this is a free service for developers.

Find out more about the Ranger.


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The Paladin gives developers more flexibility and control over their game promotion. A dedicated team is available to help devise the most efficient advertising strategy.

Developers have a personal dashboard from where they can decide which publishers are used when promoting the app. Additionally, developers can target app downloads at premium users with high retention rates.

The Paladin solution is tailored around the developer's budget and targets, with a safe cost per install (CPI) model helping the investment pay off.

Find out more about the Paladin.


MyFreeApp offers developers an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and get installs and downloads that will help their apps and games thrive. Three solutions, two free and one that runs on a CPI model, mean developers have nothing to lose by trying this service.

If anything, developers have everything to gain by submitting their app for evaluation. With a vast, loyal audience, MyFreeApp can put an app in front of thousands of eyeballs per day, meaning more downloads, in-app purchases, reviews and growth.

If you're an app or game developer, this could be an incredible opportunity to promote game or app installs.

Get in touch with MyFreeApp for an evaluation.

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