Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre on why network scale is less important than providing consumers with a quality experience

Best users are most important

Chartboost CEO Maria Alegre on why network scale is less important than providing consumers with a quality experience
It's not just about scale when it comes to operating a successful advertising, cross promotional and user acquisition platform, but it's obviously required.

That's why US start up Chartboost has extended its iOS self service network to Android.

"With Android growing at an incredible rate, companies are willing to pay similar prices on Android as iOS so it's what our publishers wanted," says CEO Maria Alegre.

"They need the flexibility to be able to use the same technology across both OSes."

Indeed, as she explains, because Chartboost is mainly server-based, the new set up enables companies to focus on specific business models for each, if they want.

"For example, a company that's really pushing Android can exchange users with one that's mainly on iOS. We transcend the platform. Publishers can use our technology how they want to," she adds.

All about acquisition

This flexibility is one of Chartboost's key features. It provides the ability for small developers to sell their in-game inventory to larger publishers, or try with click-share campaigns or straight cross promotion of their own releases.

At present, however, the market's being driven by the large freemium publishers such as Storm8, Animoca and Pocket Gems, which have the cash, games and corporate appetite to suck up every new available Android user.

Another company working closely with Chartboost is TinyCo. Its promotion, which gives developers running its content 100 percent of the revenue, finishes 15 December.

Quality user

Yet going back to the question of scale, Alegre is keen to point out that while it matters, Chartboost's distinguishing DNA is the user experience it offers. After all, the team spun out of a Tap Tap Revenge developer Tapulous.

"We focused on games so we don't really consider this advertising," she explains. "When you're offering banner ads, that's becomes a question of fill rate and you have to thrown in everything that's available."

In contrast, Chartboost is built on offering quality content that people want, a good user experience in terms of its fullscreen interstitials, and high quality analytics for developers.

"We see a huge growth opportunity in this market," Alegre ends. "We're providing a direct marketplace for the part of the mobile industry that makes the most money, and a great user experience with beautiful ad units for consumers. We expect to grow fast."
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