PG Connects speaker spotlight: Ricardo Flores, Biodroid

Don't forget about Brazil

PG Connects speaker spotlight: Ricardo Flores, Biodroid

It's just weeks to go before Pocket Gamer Connects 2014.

Our first conference will be held in London on 20-21 January - you can find out more details here.

So to whet your appetite, we're finding out more about some of our speakers.

Ricardo Flores is the senior producer and business development strategist at Biodroid Entertainment, a Portuguese mobile developer of action sports games.

His position gives him the responsibility for studio partnerships with global sports brands - as seen in titles such as Billabong Surf Trip, Cristiano Ronaldo FreeStyle and MegaRamp Skate & BMX - as well device manufactures and carriers.

What do you think has been the most significant event during 2013?

Ricardo Flores: The release of iOS 7, while the emergence of Ouya and other Android consoles brought freshness to this crowded sector.

What will be the biggest challenges and opportunities in 2014?

Can I say tablets? I believe we will see a decrease in freemium games and a more open-minded approach to what I'm calling 'semi-premium' games.

Also, Brazil will be a target market for Biodroid during the first half of 2014.

How will indie developers fare? Any advice?

I trust 2014 will be a great year for indies. Samsung, Sony Mobile and even Amazon have plans to push their games offers and it's not all about the big names.

So if you are a newcomer, don't go for marketing guy talks at conferences. Polish your game and try to build a fanbase. It's not rocket science but helps more than you expect.

How big do you think the East-meets-West opportunity is, and which markets are you most excited about in 2014?

Emerging markets are becoming important for many developers. For example, if you have a game that appeals to Asian cultures, you should make all your efforts to localize and promote it locally. The bad news is that usually you will need to find a local partner and spend time building the relationship.

Besides Asia, I believe Brazil and other Latin American countries are very interesting and are already showing great results, not only in terms of downloads but also for monetization.

What are you expecting to learn from attending Pocket Gamer Connects?

I'm keen to get better knowledge about how the Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets work, how they're organised, and how to find local players.

What were your favourite mobile games of 2013?

From Biodroid, it was Activision Decathlon. From the rest of the world, it was Icycle and Badland.

Finally, what's your New Year's resolution and what resolution would you enforce on the industry?

I need more time to play! Seriously!!

For the industry, we need more payment solutions besides credit cards. That would really help in emerging markets.

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