Spil Games on its initiative to reboot mobile gaming's Unsung Heroes

Games that haven't been successful - yet

Spil Games on its initiative to reboot mobile gaming's Unsung Heroes

Well-known for its web games for kids, Dutch publisher Spil Games has played around in the shallows of mobile games for a number of years.

But for 2015, it's making a big push into mobile, and as part of this it's looking to attract thirdparty developers.

Labelled "Unsung Heroes", Spil's view is that many games that have already been published just haven't found their audience, mainly because the developers didn't have the marketing resources to find enough players to make their games successful.

As part of this initiative, Spil will be inviting people to nominate games and developers pitch their games at Casual Connect Europe on 5 February from 14:00 at Booth 305.

You can see more details here

And to dig deeper into Spil's thinking, we caught up with its Head of Global PR.

Pocket Gamer: Given these games have already been unsuccessful, why does Spil think it can make them successful second time around?

Scott Johnson: It's not that these games haven't been successful. It's that they haven't been successful yet.

We know it is tough for developers to get the attention their games deserve due to a number of factors, not least marketing budgets.

Spil Games can offer the backing these amazing games need.

Do you think you will be asking devs to make changes to their games, or is this more of a remarketing issue?

The Unsung Hero event is meant to help shine a light on great mobile games and share ideas.

Spil Games is in the business of finding these cool games.
Scott Johnson

Any games and developers that Spil Games work with in the future will be looked at on an individual basis.

We are looking to help with the issues some of these amazing titles have finding audiences; working with developers to make this happen, in whatever way we all believe is best, is what we will look to do.

How many games do you expect to be working on, and any particular genres you're interested in?

By the end of the year we expect to have 40 mobile games published aimed at 12-24 year olds.

We want to engage the mobile development community to help identify the problems developers face and work with them to get their games into the spotlight.

We have seen so many amazing titles, it is exciting for us to see what more is out there.

In general, doesn't this approach underline that there are just too many games - an oversupply issue that is now endemic?

We know that there is a huge amount of competition for mobile games developers, yes. But we also know that there is a thirst from the mobile games audiences for great games.

The Unsung Hero campaign is meant to help shine a light on these great games.

Spil Games is in the business of finding these cool games, that maybe no one has ever heard of, and bringing them to the millions of people who crave great new content.

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