We interviewed Honor to find out what the new Honor 8 Pro brings to VR

How the Honor 8 Pro packs a punch for mobile VR

We interviewed Honor to find out what the new Honor 8 Pro brings to VR

Virtual Reality is set to be a massive area of growth for the entertainment industry, but the astronomical cost of entry has put it out of reach for many consumers - but not anymore. The Honor 8 Pro bucks this trend by offering a VR solution free of charge and right out of the box - in fact, the solution is the box.

A simple process transforms the Honor 8 Pro's cardboard packaging - which you might normally throw away - into a functioning VR headset; simply insert the supplied lens into the appropriate section of the box and you're good to go.

The Honor 8 Pro's superb Quad HD screen delivers a pin-sharp viewing experience and the phone's built-in support for Google's Cardboard VR platform mean you can finally see what all the fuss is about without having to shell out an obscene amount of cash - and by re-using the box, it also saves on waste so you can be entertained and feel good about yourself, too.

We interviewed Honor to find out more about the new Honor 8 Pro and what it might mean for the VR industry moving forward.

Why did you decide to pack Honor VR Cardboard glasses with the Honor 8 Pro?

Honor innovates and provides state-of-the-art products based on our in-depth understanding of customer needs and consumer behavior.

As VR is gaining popularity and importance in all sorts of visual entertainment, the Honor 8 Pro is not only packed with hardware and software offering the best visual experience, Honor also went the extra miles to partner with Jaunt, providing high quality VR content to users of the Honor 8 Pro.

As a final touch, Honor packs the device with VR cardboard, so users, especially movie lovers, are only a short step away from jumping into the exciting world of VR.

How important is a gesture like this for mass consumer VR adoption?

Honor was envisioned as a young, energetic and internet-centric brand, designed for a very specific demographic group – millennials – whose lifestyle, purchasing patterns and unique relationship with the internet, warrant a very specific approach. We felt the digital natives have special needs so we created a special brand focusing on their needs.

Millennial consumers are digital natives who always want to consume video “right now”. Honor believes it is important to go extra miles to provide the latest VR experience to users.

Was the phone built with VR and AR experiences in mind?

The Honor 8 Pro was built with VR and AR experiences in mind. Its Quad HD display boasts performance close to cinema standard, delivering visuals with the highest levels of color accuracy and detail – making sure you get “the full picture”.

Our device also comes equipped with a cardboard and pre-installed with the Jaunt VR app, boasting an impressive and constantly updated collection of high quality 360° VR videos.

What VR headsets is the Honor 8 Pro compatible with?

We recommend our users to enjoy the immersive VR world with Honor 8 Pro’s own VR headset, as it is configured and optimized exclusively for Honor 8 Pro, therefore ensuring a superlative experience.

Do you think more mobile phone companies could do this to help increase adoption of virtual reality tech?

VR technology is growing in influence in global mobile trends. At Honor, we will continue to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of digital natives, bringing the best products to users in global markets based on each market’s demands, and to sustain the momentum of our business growth globally.

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