Apple Search Ads and SKAdNetwork make waves as marketing attributions rise 55% in two years

Kochava’s State of Mobile Measurement 2023 report reveals how the landscape has changed since ATT

Apple Search Ads and SKAdNetwork make waves as marketing attributions rise 55% in two years

Mobile app analyst Kochava has released its State of Mobile Measurement 2023 report, providing insight into the changes taking place in the app advertising marketplace in the aftermath of Apple's 2021’s App Tracking Transparency enforcement.

Among the findings, Kochava notes the rising influence of Apple Search Ads - now so important that marketers and developers can no longer afford to ignore them, the analyst believes.

Apple ads matter

The mobile report highlights an industry shift towards delayed ad performance measurements, of course attributable to Apple’s ATT, which was introduced at a time when real-time performance gauging was commonplace. As a result, IDFA saw a reduction as SKAdNetwork took new prominence and anonymised user data, which has naturally impacted connections between brands and consumers.

The evolution of privacy regulations has forced platforms to restrict user-level data which diminishes ad performance insights, with that disconnect from users causing brands to become "legitimately worried" about intermediary platforms.

The native Apple Search Ads on iOS have grown exponentially too, offering advertisers the ability to drive acquisition through the App Store directly with real-time attribution - greatly preferential over the typical 36-hour delays seen elsewhere after ATT.

And the shift on iOS really cannot be understated. Kochava’s report has found that over the past two years, SKAdNetwork and Apple Search Ads have grown from a 12% share of iOS attribution in the US to a huge 67%. This 55% increase means that two in three attributions are now accounted for by Apple’s in-house tech.

A word of advice

On this basis, the report suggests that marketers must adapt and use Apple Search Ads and SKAN in the modern marketplace, as Apple’s influence continues to grow even broader.

"Think of these insights as guideposts for navigating the ever-evolving AdTech landscape. Learn and leverage them to adapt your strategies, strengthen connections with consumers and drive better results," Kochava advised.

"This shift in the marketing landscape necessitates a reevaluation of marketing strategies and resource allocation, as marketers adapt to maximise their ad performance and reach their target audiences effectively."

Kochava’s report also notes that despite the evolving landscape on Apple, Android continues to display a huge dominance with its operating system present on approximately 73% of all mobile devices around the world. This provides insightful context towards the new statistic that mobile gaming’s major genres were 700% more successful in downloads on Android than on iOS in the last quarter.

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