Interview Podcast - Xsolla CEO Chris Hewish on creative commerce solutions to take control of your game

The podcast team welcome Xsolla's Chris Hewish to the studio to talk about the company's creative commerce solutions and putting power back into the hands of developers worldwide Podcast - Xsolla CEO Chris Hewish on creative commerce solutions to take control of your game

Removing friction, taking control of user data, and enhancing customer engagement throughout the funnel are necessary steps to increase game margins and retain valuable players.

However, the app store duopoly can put a block in the road, restricting access to players in growing markets, charging high transaction fees, and limiting commerce capabilities.

In the latest episode of the Podcast, hosts Brian and Peggy find out how game commerce platform Xsolla is clearing these obstacles, with special guest Chris Hewish - the company's interim CEO - and lifelong gamer.

We hear how Xsolla is helping developers distribute their games directly to players, bypassing the oversaturated app stores and putting the power back in the hands of creators.

Chris takes centre stage in this episode to explain to developers, from indie studios to international businesses,  about the company’s innovative solutions. We hear how Xsolla helps devs maximise lifetime value (LTV), gives companies increased control of their data, and provides fully customisable, alternative monetisation tools that don’t interrupt gameplay and can increase revenue per paying user by up to eight times.

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Chapter Timestamps

  • 0:10 - Intro
  • 02:45 - What does Xsolla do?
  • 05:39 - A new era of game distribution
  • 09:06 - Is it more cost-effective to ditch the app stores?
  • 14:40 - The Digital Markets Act
  • 16:46 - Giving developers more control over what they create
  • 21:23 - How does a web shop increase your revenue?
  • 26:15 - A headless checkout
  • 28:20 - Accelerate XR and Xsolla Mall
  • 33:34 - Favourite games Q&A with Chris (you're not going to guess his favourite franchise...)

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