Xsolla jump into the cloud gaming scene with new solutions

Xsolla’s newest venture leaps squarely into the world of cloud gaming as they bring payment solutions to cross-platform play

Xsolla jump into the cloud gaming scene with new solutions

Video game commerce company Xsolla is set to debut a suite of tools to enable developers to bring their games easily into the world of cloud gaming.

Xsolla’s cloud gaming solution will integrate their existing experience with monetisation and payments and help developers monetise their games on the cloud platform. It hits on what they likely perceive to be a growing need to monetise games beyond simple subscription plans on the cloud. With a growing international presence including their new offices in Kuala Lumpur, Xsolla are looking more and more at decentralised forms of gaming as the new places to bring their monetisation tools.

President of Xsolla, Chris Hewish was extremely positive about the new set of cloud gaming solutions "At Xsolla, we're excited about the potential opportunities of cloud gaming. Our vision is to make gaming more widely available, to get games into the hands of more players, make them more accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere through the cloud. We are committed to supporting developers. We make it easier for them to reach their audience by bringing together the streaming technology behind their games and giving them the power to create immersive branded online experiences for players worldwide."

Why now?

Xsolla’s decision to bring its experience and tools to the world of cloud gaming is a clear endorsement of the importance they believe this platform will have in the near future. Xsolla handles the often complex and lucrative world of payments and monetisation, thus they clearly see the potential for big money to flow through the world of cloud gaming. Similar to how monetisation in mobile has proven extremely lucrative and successful due to its wide reach.

Cloud gaming traditionally relies on subscriptions. However, for games which utilise IAP's or other in-game monetisation, these are not their primary revenue generators so there's a clear market gap for more video game commerce companies to step in and streamline the process.

Xsolla plan to demo this new solution at the 2023 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 21-24.

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