Mobile developers can sell to consumers outside of app stores, with the latest updates from Xsolla

Multi-Platform Publishing also makes it easier to port to web and PC platforms for more monetisation options

Mobile developers can sell to consumers outside of app stores, with the latest updates from Xsolla

Video game commerce company Xsolla has announced new features for its web store.

Xsolla provides developers and publishers wirh payment, billing, distribution and marketing tools. These updates will allow clients to offer expanded bundles, build personalised storefronts and run promotions.

"Xsolla is committed to providing best-in-class services and support for mobile game developers worldwide to help them reach more players in more geographies," said Xsolla president Chris Hewish (pictured). "As the mobile gaming industry evolves, we are staying ahead of the curve by offering unique features to our mobile solution that help our partners connect with consumers and market to them directly at a lower cost per transaction."

Among other features, the Xsolla web store will allow developers and publishers to save on publishing fees by selling to consumers outside the app store, and build monetisation paths through sales pipeline transparency and automated integration with Google.

Increasing player loyalty

Also unveiled was Xsolla Multi-Platform Publishing, an advanced set of features that helps mobile games reach their cross-platform goals and generate more monetisation opportunities. Using a custom client app and one-click authentication tool, developers can reach new players at a lower acquisition cost, while increasing player loyalty and LTV.

The platform will also allow developers to create multiple payment options, making it easier to convert non-paying customers to paying ones in underserved markets.

"We all see how the mobile gaming landscape has dramatically changed and we can confidently say that it's the beginning of a new era," said Xsolla global head of commerce Anton Zelenin. "Our mobile partners considering porting their game to Web and PC will now have a full set of tools to manage authentication, payments, inventory, and launcher to help them build a legitimate direct-to-customer strategy."

Yesterday, we wrote that Xsolla is supporting reforestation efforts in Germany and Peru through a partnership with

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