Booyah goes commercial with product check-ins for MyTown

Scan barcodes and win rewards

Booyah goes commercial with product check-ins for MyTown
In the latest update to Booyah's location-based game come app MyTown on iPhone, the studio has added the ability to scan product barcodes for extra check-in points.

Using iPhone's camera, users scan each item's barcode to earn points and unlock exclusive in-game content.

Big brands for Booyah

"We first made the location check-in fun, now we’re making products fun," says Booyah CEO Keith Lee.

The firm is pitching this as a more direct way of linking up with brands.

While Foursquare has gone to great lengths to sign deals directly with products and services – naturally also making the most of the press coverage that comes with it – MyTown can now tie itself to specific names without having to link up officially.

"It adds a whole new layer on top of the MyTown experience," adds Lee.

"It's a holy grail for marketers and brands to have their target audience actually hold their products in their hands. It’s as close as you will get before point of sale. Not to mention that a consumer’s product check-in history is invaluable data."

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