TeePee Games partners with Predictive Intent to launch Geronimo discovery platform

Targets Android, Facebook and web

TeePee Games partners with Predictive Intent to launch Geronimo discovery platform
Digital game discovery has been at the heart of TeePee Games ever since founder and CEO Tony Pearce set up the venture last November.

Now, in conjunction with behavioural analysis specialist Predictive Intent, the company is set to launch Geronimo – a new discovery engine aimed at Android, Facebook, and other web portals.

The art of prediction

Built from the ground up, Geronimo has been designed to serve TeePee Games users with game recommendations, with the platform drawing its suggestions from data based on their behaviour and stated interests.

The company claims Predictive Intent has employed 'heavy mathematics' to provide behavioural analysis and profiling that allows a user's respective desires to be tracked.

The results are then combined with TeePee Games' own database of raw inputs from each member to serve up recommendations that are tailored to appeal directly to the user in question.

Power for the portal

"The complexity of its [Geronimo's] inputs and the speed at which it can provide results to large numbers of concurrent users really shows what a 'best of breed' discovery engine should be capable of and as such, we’re hugely proud that Geronimo is the beating heart and the nerve centre of the TeePee Games experience," said Pearce.

"Our objective is to provide gamers with content recommendations tailored to their interests and to help great games gain prominence. Only something as cutting-edge and sophisticated as Geronimo could achieve this at the scales we need for TeePee Games.

"The fact that it's also incredibly easy for us to tweak and configure, thanks to Predictive Intent’s transparency and emphasis on proving the very best solutions for consumer and client alike."

Sporting 300 Facebook games, 100 on Android and 2,500 Flash-based titles, TeePee Games itself is currently in open beta, but will to launch in the coming weeks.

[source: Media Newswire]

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