Gunshine studio Supercell now targeting mobile social, announcing asynchronous Battle Buddies

Gunshine studio Supercell now targeting mobile social, announcing asynchronous Battle Buddies
The Finnish developer Supercell - set up by ex-Digital Chocolate Finland president Ilkka Paananen - aims to make good on its tagline 'making social games social' with its upcoming topdown tactical shooter Battle Buddies.

The game will bring a tongue-in-cheek take on combat to multiple touchscreen devices, with asynchronous crossplay , including multiple games, possible between Android and iOS handsets.
Battle Buddies is due to arrive on iOS devices in early 2012, with an Android release to follow shortly after. It'll be free-to-play supporting IAP for its business model.


Controlling a team of six, you'll have to out-manoeuver an enemy team by drawing lines of movement around a map.

When asked what influences were at work, we were told it has been inspired by 90s classics such as Laser Squad and X-Com: UFO Defence, combined - of course - with the new batch of social/Facebook freemium titles. 

Specifically, the cartoon-styled character design, and customisation options are similar to LittleBig Planet, with the game's large variety of kooky weapons reminiscent of Ratchet and Clank. Its points-based advancement system is similar to a console first person shooter.

The team working on the game has built the toolkit from the ground up and alluded to a possible release of the kit for players to create their own levels in the future.

Social upgrade

When we spoke with the Supercell team recently, which is best known for its Facebook game Gunshine, about the project, CEO Ilkka Paananen was keen to point out his company's main aims.

He highlighted the firm's belief in 'social gaming 2.0' what he called a 'rich social gameplay experience'.

"[Social gaming should] not just be spamming your friends' Facebook walls," Panaanen said.

"Social ties are becoming more important than the games themselves."

Paananen also highlighted his team's lofty goal to combine the twin successes of PC-based MMO World of Warcraft and social specialist Zynga.

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