The first IAP purchase is just like a first date, argues Papaya's Chris Hanage

F2P Summit: Start of a long term relationship

The first IAP purchase is just like a first date, argues Papaya's Chris Hanage
Chinese platform PapayaMobile is in expansive mode.

Its AppFlood discovery channel for Android gaming has been performing well, while it's just announced the integration of operator billing with China Mobile.

A good platform for its European GM Chris Hanage to talk about "What it takes to market a successful game in the free-to-play jungle?"

Speaking at the F2P Summit in London, Hanage commented that one of the industry's big issues is trying to create "a self-propelling bicycle" that will see initial marketing boosting your organic traffic until it's sustainable.

"But hope is not a strategy," Hanage said. "We have to go back to basics. That's building a great game."

Start at the start

Of course, being a marketeer, his view is that game creation, marketing and operations should be intertwined.

"Why should players care about your game? Don't mug the consumer with their first in-app purchase," he said, comparing it to a first date.

"You bring flowers to a first date. Not a pillow case. You have to gain your audience's trust to build a longterm relationship."

This is backed by research that says true fans (the new and better term that replacing 'whales') take 8 to 12 days to start spending money in your game.
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