Tackle outsourcing and recruitment challenges at Intergame 2014 in Estonia

Bridging northern and eastern Europe on 14-15 May

Tackle outsourcing and recruitment challenges at Intergame 2014 in Estonia

Held on the 14-15th of May, Intergame 2014 is the second international conference in Tallinn, Estonia, devoted to mobile and social games.

The two day program is designed to provide attendees with the right knowledge to work out a winning strategy - how to survive and be successful in this fast-changing sector.

The conference will be attended by developers, publishers and thirdparty service providers from Scandinavia, the Baltic states, EU and CIS countries.

More for less

Two key themes at Intergame 2014 will be outsourcing and recruiting.

In this context, it will be discussing:

  • How game developers can overcome lack of funding, shortage of personnel, and increasing competition to gain users and generate revenues
  • How western and eastern game developers can best co-operate
  • And, where and how to recruit talented personnel.

As well as presentations, roundtables and informal networking sessions, there will also be a demo day, and the final event in this round of start-ups from the Gamefounders incubation program.

Find out more information about Intergame 2014 via the website

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