Kickstarter campaigns raised $1,000 a minute in 2014 to fund nearly 2,000 games

Game developers struck gold last year

Kickstarter campaigns raised $1,000 a minute in 2014 to fund nearly 2,000 games

There may be concerns about the quality of the games produced, but the appeal of crowdfunding games showed no signs of waning in 2014, if the latest figures from Kickstarter are anything to go by.

The company has announced that in 2014 over $89.1 million was pledged across 1980 titles. The figure cements the games category as one of the top five for both successful projects and total money raised.

The third most-backed Kickstarter of the year was Kingdom Come: Deliverance, an open-world RPG that secured 35,000 pledges.

All that glitters

Still, industry experts have in the past been cautious about the glittering potential of crowdfunding.

In December Peter Molyneux branded Kickstarter a “destructive” force that damaged Godus, while the previous month saw a promising title from Irrational Games’ veterans, Black Glove, fail to raise even a fraction of its goal.

If despite that you’re still interested in launching your own crowdfunding project, take note: Kickstarter’s data revealed that August was the biggest month for successful campaigns.

Throughout the month in 2014 over 2311 hit their goals across the site, while Wednesday proved the day of the week when pledgers were most generous.

Overall, last year saw a combined total of $529 million raised by Kickstarter projects. To put that in perspective, that’s around $1,000 pledged a minute, and a huge increase on 2013’s total cash pot of $480 million.

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