$989 million pledged to games on Kickstarter

3.2 million people have donated to games across tabletop and video gaming categories

$989 million pledged to games on Kickstarter

Around €880 million ($989m) has been pledged to games on crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Speaking at Quo Vadis 2019, Kickstarter senior games outreach Anya Combs said there had been 16,700 successful projects which in total had received 3.2 million backers.

That splits roughly across 1.6 million backers for tabletop games and 1.6 million for video games.

Key stats

Across all categories on Kickstarter, 16 million people have backed a project on the site, making 52 million pledges.

Of the 16 million who have backed a project, 5.2 million have donated to more than one campaign.

Overall, Kickstarter backers have pledged €3.7 billion ($4.15bn) in funding for over successful 160,000 creative projects.

Kickstarter games category funding stats

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