Porsche reveals Cayman GT4 in Real Racing 3 update

Complete challenge for in-game ownership

Porsche reveals Cayman GT4 in Real Racing 3 update

The car industry and racing games have had a synergetic relationship ever since Gran Turismo burst upon the scene in 1998.

And more recently on mobile, the series of branded games developed by Fishlabs for VW demonstrated how important playing with cars can be in terms of direct sales.

But now EA reckons it's taken the situation to the next level in its latest update for Real Racing 3.

First look

The Firemonkeys-developed title - apparently - marks the first time a new car has been revealed in a game.

That particular vehicle is the Porsche Cayman GT4 and it's now available to drive in Real Racing 3, which also offers player the opportunity of winning an in-game version by completing a set of specifically-designed challenges.

In the real world, however, the price of the base model Cayman starts from $52,600.

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