Stugan: Does the "Lucky Indie" myth still exist?

The Stugan devs question whether being lucky is still enough

Stugan: Does the "Lucky Indie" myth still exist?

“Luck” and “success” seem to be Siamese twins in the eyes of the indie games community.

Minecraft is hailed as a serendipitous accident, while even chart toppers like King advise companies to “fail fast” in order to make more games and increase the chances of a good hit.

Striking gold

But here at Stugan, we were wondering whether this attitude is damaging to indie devs.

With developers chasing flash-in-the-pan success rather than sustainable business models, is being a lucky indie necessarily a good thing?

Not only that, with increasingly crowded app stores and barriers to entry rising, does the “Lucky Indie Myth” even still exist?

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