Angry Birds 2 does 30 million downloads in two weeks

Birds and pigs are flying

Angry Birds 2 does 30 million downloads in two weeks

And so it continues.

Rovio has announced that two weeks after launch, Angry Birds 2 has hit 30 million downloads.

It hit the 10 million mark after 4 days, and was up to 20 million downloads after a week, so it looks like the sky will be the limit for the game.

Nation of millions

After all, we remember back when 100 million downloads predicted for the original game seemed as likely as pigs flying.

You can read our Making Of article here, as well as an interview with audio director Jonatan Crafoord here

It just goes to show that Rovio's commitment to building a brand - as highlighted by Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka at PG Connects Helsinki 2014 (see the video below) - has been proven correct.

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