Angry Birds 2 scores 10 million downloads in 4 days

Rovio's sequel carries on pulling in interest

Angry Birds 2 scores 10 million downloads in 4 days

Following our report that Angry Birds 2 barrelled through 1 million downloads in 12 hours, the F2P remake has just sailed past the 10 million mark.

Big birds, big bucks?

The official Twitter page for Rovio’s newest smash hit announced the news with a picture of its newest character Silver.

Nearly half of those downloads were racked up on the first day of launch.

By Friday afternoon Angry Birds 2 had netted 4.4 million installs, though the figures do not yet take into account interest from China.

So far, reception has been mixed with some criticising the abundance of in-app purchases.

Despite the relentless monetization – including paid powerups and rewarded video ads – Angry Birds 2 has not yet broken into the top ten highest earning app store charts.

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Matt Falcus
Criticizing Rovio for releasing Angry Birds 2 free with in-app purchases and rewarded adverts is crazy. What casual game publisher today is going to release a pay-for game? When everyone is copying Crossy Road at the moment (including Zynga), then of course Rovio are going to try the same.

There's a certain amount of expectation from players that this is how games behave at the moment, just as there was an expectation that games *only* cost $0.99 when the first Angry Birds came out in 2009.
jon jordan
I don't think we're criticising Rovio, but reporting the fact that a small number of its audience - which is used to a 99c experience - is finding a disconnect.