Grand Cru shuts down Supernauts to focus on new 2016 launch

Better next time

Grand Cru shuts down Supernauts to focus on new 2016 launch

Finnish dev Grand Cru has announced that it's shuttering its debut game Supernauts.

One of the most anticipated mobile games of 2014, the mixture of Habbo Hotel meets LittleBig Planet and Minecraft, was engaging but ultimately didn't find a large enough audience.

Grand Cru said almost 3 million people played the game, but that its high level of server costs meant that the game would be take off the App Store on 1 September, with the servers taken offline at the end of 2015.

What's next?

Nevertheless, Grand Cru seems to be treating the game as a honorable failure.

"The quality and innovation of the community creations has absolutely stunned the development team over and over again," it says in a statement.

And the good news is that it's working on something new.

"Shutting down Supernauts means that the team at Grand Cru can continue to develop new games, which we aim to launch in 2016," it says.

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