Clash Royale on track for $1 billion-a-year success, and all without cannibalising Clash of Clans

Clash Royale the world's top grossing game

Clash Royale on track for $1 billion-a-year success, and all without cannibalising Clash of Clans

Market intelligence firm Newzoo has named Supercell's Clash Royale the world's current top grossing game after accruing revenues of $80 million in its first month.

This is excluding the 30% cut taken by the app stores, too, meaning that players' spending actually exceeded $110 million.

On this trajectory, Newzoo estimates that it's highly likely that Clash Royale will become the next $1 billion mobile game.

Road to a billion

There's also plenty of opportunity for further growth, with the game yet to officially launch on the various thirdparty Android channels in China - the territory which has accounted for 32% of iOS revenues so far.

Even more interestingly, there has been little sign of Clash Royale cannibalising revenues of Supercell's flagship title, with Clash of Clans only experiencing a single-digit decline in March.

The fact that Clash Royale and Clash of Clans present vastly differing experiences, the former a MOBA-inspired PvP game and the latter a clan-led, base-building strategy title, is likely to have played a significant role in this.

Clash Royale's potential as a mobile eSport has also been widely mooted, with the first official tournament being streamed from Helsinki around the world via YouTube and Twitch on 16 April. 

And while it remains to be seen whether a mobile eSport can truly take off in the same way as its PC-based counterparts, it's certainly a lucrative market that - if handled correctly - could get Clash Royale to that $1 billion milestone even quicker.

You can read the full report on Newzoo's website.



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