Facebook is the most powerful tool for acquiring quality users, says AppsFlyer

Releases latest AppsFlyer Performance Index

Facebook is the most powerful tool for acquiring quality users, says AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer has released its latest AppsFlyer Performance Index for the first half of 2016 to rank the top media sources for mobile advertising and where users can be acquired most effectively.

The report measured more than four billion app installs across gaming and non-gaming apps.

For games, it found that Facebook is still the top media source, thanks to its unmatched social reach and scale, as well as strong retention rates, across both iOS and Android.

Carry on up the charts

Google is also becoming a powerful tool in mobile advertising, mainly thanks to its massive scale, and its ability to draw in quality users.

Twitter remains a strong contender too, scoring highly as a tool to attract users with long retention.

The report also highlights ad networks that have shown to be a powerful tool of developers, including AppLovin, Unity, Chartboost, and AdColony.

Video advertising has also shown to be a key tool for acquiring users with high retention, which AppsFlyer notes is likely due to the fact that giving players a preview of the game means there are no surprises when they download it.

Retaining users

Retention rates across both iOS and Android devices aren't that much different. However, the report found that retention scores are virtually identical across the board, except for North America where iOS retention is 6% higher than Android, and Europe where Android retention is 8% higher than iOS.

The AppsFlyer Performance Index had similar findings to last year's report, with some differences.

Vungle, AdColony and Unity all climbed up four places for Global Android retention from the previous report, thanks to their video services delivering loyal users.

You can read the full report for H1 2016 over on AppsFlyer's website.


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