Apple to allow users to rate and review games without leaving the app in iOS 10.3

Also adding developer replies and hard limits to rating notifications

Apple to allow users to rate and review games without leaving the app in iOS 10.3

The upcoming iOS 10.3 will allow developers to ask players to rate and review their games without sending them to the App Store to do so.

A new API in the OS will allow developers to show a rating system within the app itself. This will remove the step of taking players out of the app and into the App Store to review the app.

This could potentially mean more developers will see high numbers of reviews and ratings as having to leave a game to rate it is a frustrating experience and generally off-putting to players.

The update will also allow developers to respond directly to reviews on the app's store page in a public reply. This is a feature Android developers already have access to on Google Play.

Hard limits

A report from The Loop also states that developers will only be allowed to show the rate and review notification to a user a certain number of times.

Users who refuse to rate the app three times won't see the notification for a year, while users who do review the app will never see the notification again.

Additionally, users can turn off all rate and review notifications within the OS itself. A new global setting will be added so that players can turn notifications off and on as they see fit.

The iOS 10.3 beta is already available. It is likely to remain in beta for one or two months before launching officially on all iOS 10 devices.

[Source: TechCrunch]


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