Mobile games generated $40.6 billion in revenues worldwide in 2016

SuperData and Unity come together for a report

Mobile games generated $40.6 billion in revenues worldwide in 2016

The mobile games market generated $40.6 billion in revenues worldwide in 2016 and now accounts for half of the entire global digital games market.

This is according to research from SuperData Research and Unity, who combined their data resources to publish a report on the mobile games market in 2016.

The data found that Asia remains the largest segment of the market having generated $24.8 billion in mobile revenues in 2016. North America and Europe generated $6.9 billion and $5.7 billion respectively.

Bigger than YouTube

Mobile games are now proving more popular than streaming services too. The report found that North American players spent 5% more time on mobile games than in 2015 and play games for longer than they use apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Mobile gamers now average 30 minutes a day playing games. This has increased 12% from 2015 on iOS and 9% on Android.

In terms of platforms, the report showed that the US is the only country where iOS players outnumber Android players. 78% of global mobile gamers play on Android.

Turning to VR, it was found that the technology generated $1.8 billion in revenue in 2016. 6.3 million devices were sold in the year, with 4.5 million Gear VR devices making up the majority of headset sales.


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