Outplay Entertainment launches learning and development hub Outplay Academy

Teaching all aspects of the company in a centralised resource pool

Outplay Entertainment launches learning and development hub Outplay Academy

Dundee-based Outplay Entertainment has established a new learning and development initiative for its staff and community called Outplay Academy.

The Outplay Academy will act as a central hub for a variety of resources and information on all aspects of game design and development which can be updated by members of each team.

The hope is that the entire team will learn new information and skills to better game development. The Outplay Academy websites suggests that a Producer could learn more about the ins and outs of QA, and so on.

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"Games development within an evolving market, makes continual learning and team development something which is paramount to us here at Outplay," writes the team.

"We believe that by equipping Outplayers with the drive, opportunity and resources to develop and refine their skills, it will allow us to remain at the forefront of creating fun, high quality, and high performing games."

While the Academy will largely be for internal use, Outplay will be sharing some of its events and teachings on its Outplay Academy Twitter account.

Of course, if you want to learn more about all aspects of the mobile games business from's own Mobile Games University.

Outplay Entertainment is the largest independent mobile developer in the UK. It currently has a headcount of around 190 since acquiring Eight Pixels Square in December 2016.


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