Today's "super mobile gamer" is a Pokemon GO-loving 39-year old woman

Verto Analytics looks into who owns the most devices and more

Today's "super mobile gamer" is a Pokemon GO-loving 39-year old woman

The typical "super mobile gamer" is a 39-year old woman who spends an average of 14.9 hours across 127 gaming sessions a month, according to Verto Analytics.

The analytics firm revealed this profile as part of its new "Who is the Cross-device Consumer?" report, which studies users with multiple devices and the apps that are most popular among them.

These "super mobile gamers" were found to spend the most time per month on Pokemon GO, Candy Crush Soda Saga, and the original Candy Crush Saga. For the top apps in terms of number of sessions a month, Pokemon GO won out again, followed by Words With Friends and Candy Crush Saga.


Overall, mobile games were the second most-used apps across all demographics, with an average of 14 hours and 42 minutes spent across 152 sessions. First place was "Communication & Social" with 22 hours and 35 minutes across 685 sessions.

Looking at how many devices people own, Verto Analytics found that millennial women are more likely to own at least three devices then men. This flipped when studying Generation X users, with 39% of men owning at least three devices compared to 36% of women.

39-year old women may play more Pokemon GO than anything else, but Words With Friends remains the most played game in the US.

Verto Analytics recently found that the social word game had 13 million users in March, compared to Pokemon GO's 10.5 million.


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