Capcom partners with Skillz to bring competitive play to new mobile Street Fighter game

Publisher sets eye on the eSports scene

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 2nd, 2017 partnership Beeline Interactive
Not disclosed
Capcom partners with Skillz to bring competitive play to new mobile Street Fighter game

Capcom subsidiary Beeline Interactive has partnered with competitive gaming platform Skillz for its upcoming mobile Street Fightertitle.

Skillz is touted as a mobile eSports platform that has been used in games by over 3,000 studios and has broadcast more than 40 million minutes of footage to spectators.

Recently the company reported it had doubled its revenue run-rate to $100 million in just eight months.

Competitive fighters

The deal between Beeline and Skillz will give players the opportunity to compete with each other for prizes and cash.

It will also let fans tune into Skillz-powered live broadcasts of competitions, all integrated natively within the game.

“We’ve always believed that multiplayer and spectatorship are integral to the Street Fighter experience,” said Beeline CEO Midori Yuasa.

“We’re excited to partner with the Skillz platform to deliver the next evolution of this competitive series to mobile gamers.”

Skillz CEO Andrew Paradise added: “With this partnership, Street Fighter will define the future of competitive mobile gameplay.

“With worldwide competitions and countless physically organized events, Street Fighter has helped lay the foundation of modern pro gaming for both players and spectators. We’re excited to facilitate the delivery of this competitive experience to mobile gamers.”

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