Gamer messaging app Discord clears 87 million registered users

Now has 14 million DAUs sending 9.5 billion messages a month

Gamer messaging app Discord clears 87 million registered users

Gamer-focused chat platform Discord has surpassed 87 million registered users and expects to clear 90 million by the end of 2017.

According to the Discord blog, it currently sees 14 million daily active users. It secures around 1.5 million new users every week, with users sending 9.5 billion messages a month.

The company did not reveal how many users it had of its mobile app specifically. However, it did state that Super Evil Megacorp's Vainglory has one of the five largest verified servers on the platform.

Opening up

Looking ahead, Discord will be focusing most of its efforts on the continued stability of its platform, as well as adding much-requested features such as audio-enabled screen share.

It is also making efforts to become a more diverse company. It claims to have "created some internal goals for 2018" that will promote diversity and inclusiveness at the developer.

Discord surpassed 45 million users in May 2017, meaning it has gained an additional 42 million users in the last six months or so. At that time, it had a 8.9 million DAUs sending six billion messages a month.


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