Google Play testing news and trending hub features with Google Play Games

News and trending features make up the new additions

Google Play testing news and trending hub features with Google Play Games

Google is testing a news and trending hub feature with a new addition to Google Play.

As spotted by XDA, the feature is called Google Play Games and is currently open for public testing.

The Hub page acts as the news section and is tailored to the games the individual has installed. The content is amalgamated from various third-party sites and delivered to one place.

However, it doesn’t seem to be customisable like Google Feed, which lets users dismiss news stories or tailor the algorithm to show more or fewer stories from a publication.

The trending section works as one would expect, which is through displaying the market's most popular games such as Pokemon Go, PUBG Mobile and Roblox.

What's with all the hubbub, bub?

While currently in testing, the new feature doesn’t seem to include any discoverability aid for the platform's indie developers.

Plenty may benefit if they have a following due to the tailored news function but achieving that steady word of mouth is another challenge entirely.

Indie developers have had a tough go of it of late after many were hit with a drastic drop in installs on Google Play following recent algorithm changes.

The fallout was a result of a bug that is interfering with how apps can verify paid licenses.

It has since been fixed in a recent update, with plenty reporting that things have returned to normal.

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