GDC 2019: Unity AR Foundation ties together ARKit and ARCore development

Creators can target both SDKs through one framework

GDC 2019: Unity AR Foundation ties together ARKit and ARCore development

Unity has unveiled a new AR Foundation initiative designed to make it easier for developers to target both ARKit and ARCore when developing their augmented reality apps and games.

The entire set of features of both Apple and Google SDKs are compatible with AR Foundation, enabling developers to target both ecosystems.

Speaking to, Unity XR evangelist Dan Miller said that while both platforms had a lot of similarities when they first launched, they have diverged as new features are added.

Any features that aren’t supported on a specific SDK will be flagged up. Miller said the idea behind AR Foundation is to alleviate the headache and pain of maintaining two platforms.

“It’s delivered via the package manager so inside unity it’s really kind of a lightweight preference that allows you to get started right away and have a clean project,” he said.

Included with AR Foundation will be Foundation Samples, a collection of assets and resources already put together.

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