GDC 2019: 4.28 billion game hours played over Xbox Live across platforms every month

64 million monthly active users

GDC 2019: 4.28 billion game hours played over Xbox Live across platforms every month

More than 4.28 billion game hours are played each month with Xbox Live across PC, console and mobile.

Speaking at GDC 2019, Xbox Team principal program manager Bill Schiefelbein revealed a number of key stats about Xbox Live usage across platforms.

Overall, Xbox Live is used by more than 64 million active monthly users and it receives 736 million XBL party chat joins each month.

You can view all the key stats below. The figures were not broken down platform-by-platform.

It was announced just ahead of GDC that the Xbox Live service has been expanded to support cross-platform capabilities, which includes iOS and Android devices.

The Xbox Live SDK features achievements, Gamerscore, friends lists and family settings. Its cross-platform nature means accounts save information across mobile, Xbox and PC.

Xbox Live has been housed under the Microsoft Game Stack banner, which includes the firm’s various games-related tech including Azure, PlayFab, DirectX, Simplygon, Mixer, App Center, Havok and more.

Schiefelbein said that for mobile developers there will be no pre-certification process to go through with Xbox before they can publish. Players can also sign up for an Xbox Live account with just their phone number.

He added developers can use these Xbox Live services at no cost.

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