Temple Gates Games CEO accuses DoubleJump of cloning Cannon Brawl

Theresa Duringer claims the studio cloned her game after she entered it in a competition

Temple Gates Games CEO accuses DoubleJump of cloning Cannon Brawl

Temple Gates Games CEO Theresa Duringer has accused mobile studio DoubleJump of cloning her action real-time-strategy game Cannon Brawl.

Duringer made the claim via Twitter that DoubleJump’s Cosmic Showdown is “a near exact clone” of the game the developer had spent three years making

According to the developer, Cosmic Showdown’s credits include the name of someone who judged Cannon Brawl in a contest it entered. The game failed to win the competition, but the Temple Gates Games boss claims that DoubleJump went on to clone it with Cannon Brawl.

Requested game keys

An email was shared by Duringer from YouTuber Ian Stapleton - who goes by the name of “Ssundee” and is the co-owner of DoubleJump - in which the influencer is promoting Cosmic Showdown and requests three game codes for another of Temple Gates Games' titles, Shards of Infinity.

“The guy who cloned my game Cannon Brawl had the gall to request keys for my latest game,” Duringer wrote to Twitter.

We have reached out to DoubleJump for comment on the story.

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