Nova Esports scoops $250,000 winning the first Clash of Clans World Championships

Total prize pot was $1 million

Nova Esports scoops $250,000 winning the first Clash of Clans World Championships

The first-ever Clash of Clans World Championship was held in Hamburg, Germany.

According to Dotesports, Nova Esports became the first-ever Clash of Clans World Champions after beating MCES three-to-one in the final.

The winners earned $250,000, while the runners-up take away $150,000 from the one million-dollar prize pool.

Supercell initially announced the new tournament in February 2019.

Clash of Clans was one of the top earners for mobile esports in 2018.

Creating an esport

In a discussion with The Esports Observer, Supercell’s community manager for Clash of Clans Marika Appel explained the decision to expand upon what the community started.

“We talk a lot and try to share learnings,” said Appel.

“But I was actually building all of this more on top of what the community had already been doing. At the time, it felt like the right thing to do for our players, experimenting and building on top of that - taking what they are already doing and hoping to bring it to the next level.”

When asked about Supercells partnership with ESL, Appel claimed both companies had the same dreams and visions.

“We started talking about what would happen if we had official tournaments and competitions in Clash of Clans. Everything just kind of clicked,” said Appel.

“We shared the same dream, we shared the same vision: building something for the players - the best possible tournament experience we can.

“Also, part of how we clicked was that they also felt experimental about what is the future of mobile esports. Could we also be part of that?”

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