Guns of Boom dev Game Insight announced as Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards headline sponsor

Prestigious industry event returns on January 21st evening

Guns of Boom dev Game Insight announced as Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards headline sponsor

We’re delighted to confirm that Game Insight has once again returned as the headline sponsor of the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards.

Supporting the annual event since its appearance in 2018, Vilnius-based Game Insight has maintained its status as one of the world’s leading and largest mobile and social games companies, spanning the hardcore-casual divide with its output.

Releases include hit mobile FPS Guns of Boom, Trade Island, The Tribez, Paradise Island 2, Survival Arena, Mirrors of Albion and many more.

THE industry awards

The Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards in association with Game Insight recognises the key players in the mobile games industry, from the developers and publishers creating and releasing the greatest games, to every facet of the tool makers and service providers that ensure the inner workings of the sector.

Lobbying is currently underway - it ends Friday November 15th, fact fans - so don't miss out on nominating your game, team, company or service if you haven’t already. It's an opportunity to get the industry to recognise your fine efforts.

The full Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards in association with Game Insight ceremony will take place at a central London location on January 21st (on the second night of Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020).

You'll find everything you could possibly want to know about the event in our handy guide, or directly via the Mobile Games Awards site.

For details on other sponsorship opportunities, please contact Steel Media CEO Chris James at


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Derrick Dunker Senior Supervisor at RTS Financial Service, Inc.

Fun game, generally good concept, PROFOUND failure in management and leadership. They’ve embarked on what I would consider to be an ultimately unrequited embargo with, “cheating or utilizing third party software.” This is humorous to me, because many peers I’ve met over the years playing the game, including myself on several occasions, have been banned without warrant. The claim being that of, “cheating or third-party software” with no proof aside from their word of mouth.

This has deeply perturbed me for a few reasons. First and most importantly, I spent an estimated $20K over the course of a year working on my first and most advanced account. I’d like to reiterate, $20,000.00 on an app. Now, that is largely my fault for investing so much time, energy and money into the apps. However, it was what I did. Rather than go to the bars and blow hundreds on drinks for girls or what have you – I spent it on my game. At least, that’s how I rationalized it. Regardless of my reasoning, I think we can agree that this is a large sum of money for such a short period of time. Put yourself in my shoes. You invest $20K to have an amazing account over a year, you’re super proud of it, and then they ban you from it. In my opinion, that’s unlawful seizure of a $20K asset. I use the word unlawful, because no evidence was ever provided. Some may ask, “Well why would they ban you if you spend so much money on the game?” – Great question. You eventually get to a point in the game wherein you’re about as good as it gets, not much more to blow cash on. That was me. Yet, I was annihilating other players due to my strong profile. This was no longer profitable for GoB. So, they decide to ban me. Give others their chances to rise the ranks. I’ve seen this time and time again.

My advice, don’t start this game, play this game, trust this game, or any affiliate app of game insight. They are an untrustworthy lot, seemingly uneducated, and clearly inconsiderate. I work in customer service myself, and this conglomerate organization of gaming applications is out for one thing…. their best interest. Their cheating monitoring software is clearly faulty, as it consistently deems non-cheating play as cheat-worthy and lands the player banned for life. They have no loyalty, no gray area regardless of tenure or gross expenditure. They’re black and white, cut and dry. Getting banned in this game is as likely as getting wet at sea, it’s going to happen. You breathe wrong, banned. You think wrong, banned. You blink wrong, banned. You get my point…. This game is atrociously malicious in terms of not caring for its customers. Don’t play, you’ll just be another number