TabTale changes its name to Crazy Labs

It reflects the company's focus on hyper-casual

TabTale changes its name to Crazy Labs

Israeli mobile publisher TabTale has changed its name to Crazy Labs.

In an interview with GamesBeat, CEO Sagi Schliesser revealed the branding change is the result of the company’s new focus.

Initially, the company had a focus on education and interactive tools for kids. However, in recent years the Israeli firm has focused on hyper-casual games.

“This name change is reflecting something that has already happened,” said Schliesser.

“The company was founded in 2010 to make tablet games and interactive tools for kids. We pivoted and became very familiar with doing games for the app store.

“The company evolved two and a half years ago to stop doing educational titles.

Schliesser added: “More than 90% of our business was created in the last couple of years.”

Crazy Labs has 230 employees across its global studios -in Israel, China, Ukraine and Macedonia.

Upcoming titles

The firm has announced two new titles, one of which - Charlie’s Angels - comes out on November 13th, two days before the new film hits movie theatres.

Secondly, Jumanji: Epic Run will come out a month later on December 13th - just ahead of the release of Jumanji: The Next Level.

“We’ve been doing these types of games for quite a while, but we felt that from a branding point of view, that was not clear to the market,” Schliesser said.

“We started putting our new games under the Crazy Labs label. We had different inbound queries about our licensing, and so we felt we weren’t very clear about our messaging.

“So we decided to focus on Crazy Labs as our brand.”

The company’s studio manager, Roy Shtoyer discussed Crazy Labs’ transition into Hyper-casual titles earlier this year.

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